Welcome to PoGo Community Checkpoint!

This website is under construction, and will be changing as more trainers contribute! This is the first draft of this page so if you'd like to submit feedback, or contribute to improving this page or anything on our site send us an email at feedback@pogo.community

Building Strong Pokemon Go Communities, One Step at a Time

Are you a Pokemon Go enthusiast who loves bringing people together? Look no further! PoGo Community Checkpoint is a grassroots initiative dedicated to supporting community leaders like you and fostering thriving Pokemon Go communities.

Who We Are

As avid Pokemon Go enthusiasts, we appreciate the impact and support that The Silph Road has provided to community leaders and trainers alike. The Silph League has been an influential force, fostering engagement and creating meaningful connections within the Pokemon Go community. While bidding farewell to Silph and their invaluable community organizer features, we embark on a new journey, building upon the foundation laid by the Silph League.

What We Offer

Your Community, Your Website: We offer you the chance to have your own dedicated website for your community. Showcase your events, share news, and create a space that truly reflects your community's personality. Visit the PoGo Pages site to learn more!

Resources Tailored to Your Needs: As our community grows, so will our collection of resources to support your community-building efforts. From event planning tips to promotional materials, we're here to provide the tools and inspiration you need to make your events shine. We'll be publishing these resources regularly on our assets site!

Simplified Event Check-Ins: Silph League's Community Day check-in system may be gone, but we are working on a user-friendly event check-in system that can help fill that void. Easily track attendance, gather data to be used to award community day badges, and focus on creating unforgettable experiences for your community.

Join Us

We're all about embracing the spirit of community and making Pokémon Go more enjoyable for everyone. Join the PGCC family and be part of a movement that values collaboration, creativity, and the love of the game.

Ready to get involved? Explore our project, connect with our community, and contribute to the Pokémon Go experience. Together, we'll build amazing communities that bring joy to players across the globe.

Are you a talented artist who wants to contribute to the Pokémon Go community? We're searching for digital artists to help us create eye-catching Community Day Assets. Your creativity will add a vibrant touch to community events, making them even more memorable.

If you're a former Silph League Community Organizer, your experience and insights are invaluable to us. We'd love to have you on board as we shape the future of community leadership together.

Let's come together, share our passion for Pokémon Go, and build amazing communities that bring joy to players across the globe. Join PoGo Community Checkpoint today and be part of something extraordinary!