Welcome to PoGo Community Checkpoint!

As we wrapped up 2023, our project gained solid ground and underwent some strategic shifts. To align with our new focus, we decided to retire our old homepage temporarily as it no longer accurately represents the current state of the project. Simultaneously, we've disabled a few extra pages that were initially designed for goals we are yet to pursue fully. This temporary measure is aimed at preventing confusion while we work on a brand new homepage.

During this transitional phase, we invite you to join us on our Discord server. This serves as the central hub for our community. We are actively shaping ourselves as a community of community organizers, providing a space where organizers can access valuable resources. Our primary focus right now is on the Assets page. Feel free to explore it and consider sharing your assets with us by posting in the dedicated #the-art-studio channel on our Discord server.

Our overarching goal is to become a go-to platform for community organizers. We want to offer resources such as the Assets page to aid in event promotion. Additionally, we're focusing on a Rumor Tracker, where organizers can assess the credibility of rumors related to their events. Most importantly, our Discord Server is where you can connect with other community organizers, seek assistance, and exchange ideas.

Join us for this exciting journey as we evolve into a thriving community of organizers, working together and supporting each other.